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Protecting Families from Electrocution in Fairfax

Electricity is necessary for so much of what we do in the world today. Without it, life would be a lot more complicated, and many things would be impossible. However, just because it is so beneficial, does not mean that is danger-free. A lack of taking the right precautions can lead to someone getting injured or killed through electrical shock.

At Lightworks Electrical Services, we work to help make people’s homes safer by providing shock protection services in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. Our licensed and insured electricians are trained to install specialized devices that can prevent fatal electric shock.

Contact our team today to discuss your options for reducing your chances of electrocution in your home.

Protection through Proper Grounding

If your home electrical system isn’t grounded, it needs to be. Grounding your wiring system is the first step in securing your family from electric shock. When an electrical device is plugged into a non-grounded system, electricity can flow through the metal on the appliance and could result in serious shock, causing injury or death.

A grounded system prevents this because any excess electricity is routed harmlessly into the ground. If you think your house may be ungrounded, call us today for an inspection. We can evaluate your electrical system and perform any necessary grounding work.

GFCI Receptacle Installation

Another way to protect yourself from electrical shock is by installing GFCI protection. According to the National Electric Code, virtually all outlets that are close to water or in outdoor areas must have GFCI protection. This includes outlets that are in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, garages, workshops, crawlspaces, and basements.

There are two types of GFCI protection, including:

  • GFCI receptacles: A GFCI receptacle is installed where the individual power outlet is located. These receptacles are slightly larger than standard receptacles and can be quickly identified by their test and reset buttons. If the receptacle senses a problem, it will immediately shut off the current, which can prevent severe shock. Any outlets that are linked with that outlet will also lose power.
  • GFCI breakers: A GFCI breaker is installed in the electrical panel and provides protection for all outlets that are connected to that breaker. This type of breaker is larger than a standard breaker and has its own test and reset buttons.

When you work with our electricians, we can help you determine which solution is best for you. Our team will consider several factors, including your budget, how many outlets require GFCI protection, and the proximity of the receptacles to the panel box. Once you are satisfied with the plan, we will get to work getting your GFCI equipment installed.

Get Protected from Electrical Shock

For the sake of your safety and peace of mind, make sure that you have the grounding and GFCI protection that you require in your home. When you rely on Lightworks Electrical Services, our Los Angeles shock protection experts will get the job done right.

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